Mekong Prestige II Cruise

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Mekong Prestige II Cruise

Launched : 2014
Cabins : 32 cabin(s)
Ratings : Fantastic (9.2) - 5 reviews
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Being a state-of-the art brand new ship, Mekong Prestige II Cruise is designed with fashionable combination between imposing elegance and regional Khmer accent. The contented accommodation including 32 elegantly decorated staterooms committed to private services will absolutely provide passengers satisfaction and pleasure. Most of staterooms and suites feature balconies. Every feature contributes to a truly well-appointed exploration of the sceneries, and isolated exquisiteness of the Mekong Delta. With skilled and experienced crew team and friendly staff, you can join the cautiously selected itineraries to travel around the amazing natural marvel, from floating villages and colorful markets to numerous local boats on the mighty water.

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Good for : Have a good time on Mekong Prestige II Cruise with your partners, friends or family. Even individuals who are keen on discovering the life of Mekong Delta or just escape to a hideout can take a trip with us.

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