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  • RV Jahan Cruise

    RV Jahan Cruise

    • Launched : 2011
    • Cabins : 26 cabin(s)

    The newest member of the Luxury Mekong River cruise Collection, and a baby ...

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  • RV Jayavarman cruise

    RV Jayavarman cruise

    • Launched : 2009
    • Cabins : 27 cabin(s)

    Inspired by the golden age cruise liner Normandie, "The Jayavarman" is a 20th ...

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  • Mekong Prestige II Cruise

    Mekong Prestige II Cruise

    • Launched : 2014
    • Cabins : 32 cabin(s)

    Being a state-of-the art brand new ship, Mekong Prestige II Cruise is designed ...

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  • Mekong Eyes Cruise

    Mekong Eyes Cruise

    • Launched : 2011
    • Cabins : 15 cabin(s)

    Mekong Eyes River Cruise was named after one of the traditional ceremonies ...

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  • RV Pandaw Cruise

    RV Pandaw Cruise

    • Launched : 2003
    • Cabins : 24 cabin(s)

    In 2003, with the Mekong Pandaw, we were the first ship to attempt this ...

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  • Le Cochinchine Cruise

    Le Cochinchine Cruise

    • Launched : 2006
    • Cabins : 10 cabin(s)

    Le Cochinchine Cruise was built in traditional style with an elegant and modern ...

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  • Mekong Eyes Explorer Cruise

    Mekong Eyes Explorer Cruise

    • Launched : 2016
    • Cabins : 16 cabin(s)

    A modern boutique cruiser with traditional materials. Our new boutique cruiser ...

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travel mekong TRAVEL MEKONG™ is proud to be the leading Mekong tour operator with over 10 years of experience in organizing private and escorted tours, quality cruises for couples, families and groups with selection of luxury, deluxe, budget and charter cruises.
Being the locals, we know the true value of our land. Luxury Mekong River Cruises is the collection of the best choices to discover Mekong river delta. There are so many choices for you with the luxurious and comfortable services + best offers... Everything will give you special feelings and unforgettable time in our beautiful land.
TRAVEL MEKONG™ commits to bring the best quality services and take the best care of clients. From your first email or call to the moment when you take a return flight are always taken into consideration at aimed of bring you the most joyful and pleased time of travelling in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos... Book with us to get best offers & best advices right now. Surely, you will feel satisfactory!!!
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tes Mr.Ryan LeClaire United States

Thank you, Ms. Hanh Do. The Mekong Tour we booked with Travel Mekong was probably the best trip we've ever taken. The Mekong and Tonle River cruise was absolutely incredible and the people of Vietnam and Cambodia are still in our minds, a couple weeks after returning home. We will definitely be recommending the trip, and Travel Mekong, to our friends and colleagues. We have produced a video which summarizes our trip and have been distributing the link to our friends, family, and colleagues. You can view this video at
Once again, Thank you so much.

Best Seller Of Month

Mekong Eyes Explorer Cruise

Mekong Eyes Explorer Cruise

A modern boutique cruiser with traditional materials. Our new boutique cruiser is designed to roam through the narrow and winding rivers and canals of the river system that cannot be accessed by the larger cruise boats. That way we can show you the hidden gems of the northern Mekong Delta.

  • Launched : 2016
  • Cabins : 16 cabin(s)

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